Mojo-Audio Enigma SE Power Cord Review

An Oppo 95 Blu-Ray Player is used my source device. It is powered with an Enigma SE Power Cord. The stereo out of the Oppo is hooked up with two pairs of MA4 Reference Interconnects linking a Pre-Amp and Power Amp. The amps are powered by XPC-7 power cords. I have lived with the Enigma SE Power Cord for nearly half a year. It is a very capable and nice cable. The mid range is detailed and articulate, liquid highs and very low bottom end. Overall sound image is well balanced, precised and full. A lot of my DVDs looked very much like 720p. Blu-Rays are magnificent. Everything looks and sounds so real and natural. Below are all the equipments used in this review. 

Oyaide R-1 AC Duplex Outlet
Furutech GTX-Wall-Plate
Furutech 104-D Outlet Cover
230v HiFi-Tuning's Disc Demagnetizer
Marigo's "Evolution Signature" mat
HIFi-Tuning Noise Destroyer
Running Springs Audio Jaco Power Conditioner w/ Mongoose AC cable Region Free Oppo 95 Blu-Ray DVD Player
Set of three Symposium Acoustics's Roller Block Junior
Samsung Series 6 59inch 3D Plasma TV - PS59D6900
7M Wireworld Cable Technology's Starlight 6 HDMI Cable
Morrow Audio MA4 Reference Interconnect
Mojo-Audio XPC-7 Power Cords with upgraded Furutech plug sets
Mojo-Audio Enigma SE Power Cord with upgraded plug sets
Audio Space Line 3.1 Valve Pre-Amp
B&K ST-140 Stereo Power Amp with upgraded HIFi-Tuning Fuses
Whatmough Speakers

– Nham, Australia 


Having broke in Mojo Enigma SE for 16 days (about 384 hrs) the sound quality differences between SE and original standard Enigma 7 is very large. This is putting the cord on the Anthem Statement D2 Preamp/Processor. Music is much more coherent and with more depth and musicality. More emotion is conveyed also than with original Enigma. Watching HDTV you can hear voices much clearer, sound effects are much more noticeable. Picture looks better also. On Blu-rays the surround sound is more open and expansive, picture is clearer with more depth. (this is with the new SE cord on Preamp/Processor). Notice rear effects more! 

And the cord is not even at the 500 hr mark yet which is the 80% break in point. 

Overall a very impressive upgrade from the original Enigma 7. My wife has even noticed the difference and finds it hard to believe one power cord made that much difference! That's an endorsement if I ever heard one!!

– Jeff, North Carolina