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HTPC Servers

Analog-like reproduction from a digital source.

Whether you are looking for a mini music server or a professional Xeon system with multiple processors, multiple cards, and multiple power supplies, you will find a Mojo Audio HTPC server to meet your needs. We deliver unparalleled performance in every class of server we make.

We have ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic power supply solutions to independently power high-performance USB, Ethernet, and video cards, as well as SSD, HDD, and DVD drives. Our chassis are 100% fanless and we offer specialized shielding and anti-resonance options.

Our HTPC servers have the lowest noise floor in the industry.

Awarded "Best in Show" (cost no object) at AXPONA'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Innersound at the Show" at AXPONA'17 by Part-Time Audiophile