Prototype High-Performance Music Server

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Factory Reconditioned Music Server w/ Dual Voltage Illuminati v1 Power Supply

All components in this server are only about 6 months old and in like-new condition.

High-Performance Components:

  • JCAT Femto USB card with dedicated PATA power supply.
  • 8GB Corsair Vengeance high-performance low-latency RAM (CAS 9).
  • 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD with dedicated SATA power supply .
  • Intel i3-4170 processor with LGA1150 socket and fanless heat-pipe cooling system.
  • Asus Q87T mother board w/ LGA1150, 4K ultra HD video, and organic polymer capacitors.
  • Streacom FC-8 Alpha fanless all aluminum chassis with Sorbothane anti-resonance feet.
  • Illuminati v1 ultralow-noise ultra-high dynamic dual regulated output power supply.
  • 1 meter cryo treated VariStrand DC power cable w/ silver plated Neutrik connector.
  • Windows 10 installed, upgraded, and optimized - DVD and OEM license included.
  • Audiophile Optimizer installed - OEM license - your choice of player software.

Additional drives, player software license, and shipping are not included.

Note: there is no optical drive slot in the Streacom FC-8 Alpha chassis. We do not recommend slot style optical drives because they scratch disks and break quite easily. For ripping CDs you can purchase a slide-out tray style USB optical drive for about $50 that won't scratch your disks.

Amazing Deal on a 6-Month Old Server - Don't Miss Out

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Additional Info