When I first put my Mojo XPC-5 power cord in line...I noticed a drop in the quality of sound....Without going into the the details of cables in and out and much contemplation...the mystery was finally solved...

The Mojo had shone it's true light on a flaw in my system, (namely a slightly microphonic tube). My old cable didn't seem to reveal this problem, nor did my old cable reveal a lot of wonderful  musical detail that my amplifier is apparently capable of producing.. 

Basically this is note of gratitude for crafting such a marvelous audio device.. I never would have believed that a "power cord" could make such a huge difference in refinement. I feel this cable has brought out what was inherently "good" in my stereo system. Thank you for helping me optimize my listening experience.

The dedication in your product is obvious and I congratulate you and your team on a job well done.

– Mike, Ontario Canada


The main differences I perceive between the XPC and the new XPC-5 are: Lower noise floor, more extended and better defined base, more natural instrument tonalities, slightly better high freq. extension, better dynamics (both macro and micro), more natural note die-off, and a greater ability to hear the room or hall where the music was recorded. I would say they take me another step or two closer to the music 

– Gordon, California


Your XPC-5 is a special cord. I have to admit, it is doing exactly what you said it would do. I am very impressed. I have no idea what the hell you are doing, but you hit it right on this PC. That cable did everything I wanted it to do, it was fluid, great dynamics, and pace; it was really just shocking. I actually put it up against several other cables, and it was not even close. I will say in all my years, this is the only cable to do what a manufacturer said it would do.

– Tony, Alabama


I have had numerous power cords from the top companies—JPS Audio, Kimber Kable, Shunyata, Furutech, BPT, etc. I have now had 4 different versions of power cords designed by Ben of Mojo Audio. The XPC-5 is by far the best power cord I have ever used. By anybody. It is very fast. It has excellent musicality, rhythm, and pace. I notice more texture in musical instruments and voices and considerable micro detail with this power cord.

Is a power cord supposed to make this much difference? Well apparently it does. I was blown away at how good it is. I have a friend who was skeptical, but after listening he became a believer too. It will take about 450 to 500 hours to completely break in (sounds very good after 10 days, but it gets much better), but once it does, you will go through your collection of music to hear the difference this cord makes. If you have a quality system, this is a must buy.

– Jeff, North Carolina


The Mojo Audio XPC-7 is the best power cord I have used. The 8AWG is also very good and bested another cord in my system that was three times the price. I will likely be buying two more XPC-7s.

– Winston, California


Background first. I have been using a Shunyata Taipan Vx on my digital sources: Denon 2910 CD/SACD/DVD player and Integra DTC-9.8 AV surround processor in my system where I switch between my Audible Illusions M3A preamp used for stereo and home theater. I tried the Mojo Audio [8AWG] Cross-Helix power cord that quickly bested the Taipan in stereo comparisons. The Mojo Audio XPC-2 power cord later won out over another brand of power cord I auditioned. I have now traded up to the Mojo Audio XPC-5 power cord.

My first impression of the XPC-5: “WOW!” I plugged the XPC-5 into the Integra DTC-9.8 to start breaking in. That evening I watched the second Blu-ray of the HBO mini-series, “John Adams”. I really did not expect much as I was not critically listening to my stereo set-up. The introductory music starts with a bass drum that had more detail and a well-defined sense of space I had not encountered previously. The violin enters second with texture that was palpable. Then, the realism of the snare drum was clearly evident. What I had considered a pleasant little piece transformed into music with drive and purpose. The PRAT (pace, rhythm, and timing) was strikingly apparent. This all from a video score with only twelve hours on the power cord!

Additionally, the video is significantly better on my projector with the XPC-5 on the AV processor. When first turned on, my satellite feed was set to ESPN, where the studio blue and reds were much more vibrant. When John Adams was playing, the sharpness, details, colors, and “punch” were easily noticed. It seems like I upgraded my projector to one significantly more expensive.

I plan to buy more XPC-5s. All in all, bravo!!!

– Harold, Houston


With the 8 AWGs I have to say that they allow the music to play clearly. They do not seem to impede the flow in any way. The XPC-7 takes everything the AWGs have and then adds ENERGY & VIBRANCY. It just explodes out at the listener. It could easily be mistaken as a new pair of speakers or a new source! The room and the listener are awash in a harmony of musical molecules as never before. It’s like being encapsulated in a 4' x 20' pair of headphones! The transparency of the speakers is, well, I know the speakers are right [there], but there doesn’t seem to be any sound coming from them. Rather it’s coming from behind and all around them, all adding to a “you-are-there” sensation! The corresponding soundstage was still somewhat hampered by the new condition of the cables but when it was released, good grief, it jettisoned to the sides and to the ceiling like nothing I’ve heard before. It was like having my own personal IMAX audio cinema in my listening room! Dynamics and bass were quite eye-opening, and I feel they were at least equal to a good SACD recording! Details, again, when they were allowed to present themselves because of the newness, were SACD abundant (or better).

I experienced all of the above with two brand-new pairs of [your XIC ribbon interconnects], three not totally broken in yet [2011 8AWG Cross-Helix] power cables, and just one of the Herculean XPC-7s feeding the conditioner! HOT DAMN! Let me just finish the observation by adding that I found the tone to be warm, full, big, and sweet—totally addicting! 

– Bruce, New York


I hooked everything up and it sounds better already.  It should get better after the break-in! The bass seems better and tighter.  I wish I'd done this sooner.  I used the Enigma 9 for my phono stage.  I used the Enigma 7's on my CD and preamp.  I used the XPC-7's on my conditioner and amp.  I used an XPC-3 on my TT because that cable actually feeds a 120V/240V step-up transformer because the Thorens is a 240V TT.  I used the other XPC-3 on my subwoofer which I never mentioned before.  I have a JL Audio sub with 2 eight inch speakers and...It made my sub sound better.

– Paul Z.


The zip and boom of both the Enigma 9 and XPC-3 are wonderful. I expected a change in the high end - which both power cords deliver.But I wasn't expecting the so much extra bass extension.  The clearer transients from the high end combined with the extra bass give appropriate bass notes a growl they didn't have before.

And I just realized they haven't even burned in yet.  Wow.

 Right now I have the Enigma on my Wadia CD player and the XPC-3 on my Sim Transporter.  This combination gives great cymbal clarity.

Of course, I will switch them around with other PCs in the system.

– Tom L.


I'm going to share my experiences of the 3 cables that bought from you:

1. Cross-Helix: I first tried it on my Accuphase DP-57 CDP.  I noticed an improvement in the mids and more warmth. The vocals were also so nice and clearly present.

2. XPC-3: on my Accuphase CDP it beat the Cross-Helix in all ways.

3. Enigma: on my Accuphase CDP and the XPC-3 on my NAD S300. The result is also very noticeable, but the best combination was when I put the Enigma on the NAD S300 and XPC-3 on the Accuphase CDP.

The result is fantastic, the staging is wider with well detailed imaging. There were even some instruments that suddenly appeared that I never heard before using my old ac cables. The mids are open, clear and warm, with good dynamics and speed when a high hat is played ! And most importantly I notice significant improvement of the low bass (which is I've been expecting to get from NAD S300 for years). The bass is so much deeper and so well controlled I decide not to sell / change my lovely NAD S300 after pairing with Mojo Enigma.

So now the system is consist of:

Project RPM9 Turntable
Cardas Golden Ref interconnect on turn table
Accuphase DP-57 CDP w/ Mojo Audio XPC-3
Duelund Ref2 V.2 interconnect on CDP
NAD S300 Integrated Amp w/ Mojo Audio Enigma 7
Magnan Signature Speaker Cable
Usher Beryllium Be-718

I look forward to ordering a higher grade of Mojo Audio XPC and Enigma soon.

– Albert C. (International customer - the English in this review


Enigma-7: Nice detailed cable. I found very comparable to the Black Sands Violet II except lacking in a bit of the low end richness. Not sure if it will need more time to open up but I have it burning in still. XPC-7: VERY interesting cable. I love it to power the sub amps of my Goldenear Tritons. They reach new levels of depth which I found very interesting. In my receiver, it's a little bit of a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, for home theater, the "excitement" it adds to the dynamics of everything going on is truly impressive. It really transforms the imersiveness of a movie experience. On the other hand, while listening to music, it sounds simply weird. It seems to be lacking detail or clarity but something is very strange in the synergy of music listening.

So, so far I can say that I'm going to want two more 1m runs of XPC-7's for each of my speakers.

– Poirier, Cuba


I decided to use the XPC-7 on my conditioner, as my sources and preamp run through it.  They already had upgraded cables, so I figured I would see more of a gain there than using it on the amplifier.  It added impact and depth to the bass region.  The mids are a tough call for me, the vocals with female singers do seem a bit more centered.  The highs are where your cable was well worth the upgrade for me.  Very clear and distinct separation in instruments (which I'm sure may well also occurs into the mids, but harder for me to detect other than the female vocals which was apparent).

To give a more illustrative example, I had been ruminating with a fellow audiophile about some Diana Krall recordings.  I was very disappointed in some of the high instruments, it seemed that there was an unknown instrument, I thought it was a brush on cymbals, but it all just blended together, and I could only describe it as using a brush to "stir the pot." There was no distinguishable separation of strikes, just a what I thought a continual dragging of the brush around the cymbal.  Whatever it was and the high hats and other cymbals just ran together, an irritating hissing.  Of course, my initial thoughts were "Crap, I just found a weakness in my new McIntosh CD player.  I asked my friend to listen to his copy, which was SACD, and see what he thought.  His reply?  "Now that you mention it, what the hell is that?"  I ruined it for him.  : )  So I receive your cable and plug it in.  Let the system warm up a bit, first CD I listen to, Krall of course.  SHAZAM!    Unbelievable difference.  Clear and distinct separation between the cymbals, high hats, and what I now believe to be that shaker type instrument (I don't know what it's called) with beads inside.  There are now passages where I could almost swear I hear the beads sliding back down inside the instrument.  That alone was more than worth it.  My friend is now begging me to bring the cable up to him.  He hasn't upgraded any of his power cables, and I told him if I had to make a recommendation between the ones I have, the Mojo's are THE way to go!  And I paid more for some of the others I have. 

Results with the turntable were similar, making it that much more sublime.  I have to say, I am usually pretty reserved with my expectations from tweaks, usually making just small gains, sometimes none that are detectable to me.  Your cable has been one of the most detectable and measurable (to my ear) improvements I have experienced in a long time.

As I mentioned in prior conversations with you, my budget is limited and I try to be very careful with deciding which products to purchase, as I am not one that can obtain several products, try them and keep the one I like the best.  I can unhesitatingly recommend your products, and if I could, I'd replace ALL my power cords with Mojo's.  I am definitely in the hunt for one more for my tube amp at a minimum.

Thanks again for a great product,

– Tony D.