Annapurna 20B Headphone/Pre Amplifier

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Awarded "Best of Show" at RMAF'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Sound" (cost is no object) at AXPONA'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Innersound at the Show" at AXPONA'17 by Part-Time Audiophile

Redefine your definition of high-end audio.

The Annapurna is a class A single-ended single-stage headphone/pre amplifier built around Emission Labs amazing 20B direct-heated triodes.

No shorter or simpler signal path is possible. Unparalleled phase, time, and harmonic coherency. Incredible micro-details and micro-dynamics combined with spacial cues will bring you closer to the original performance than you imagined was possible.

Must be heard to be believed.

  • Hand-built to your specifications from the finest parts available.
  • Simplified signal path class A single-ended direct-heated triode circuit.
  • Amorphous core input transformers, output transformers, and chokes.
  • Furutech connectors and UniCrystal OCC cotton covered silver hookup wire.
  • Teramoto amorphous core autoformer (TVR) stepped attenuator.
  • Choke input multi-stage power supplies with no electrolytic capacitors.
  • Custom exotic hardwoods and hardwood veneers with hand-rubbed finishes.
  • Starting at $14,999.95 with several levels of part and finish upgrade options.

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