Annapurna 300B Monoblock Amplifier

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Redefine your definition of high-end audio.

The Annapurna 300B monoblocks are class A single-ended two-stage power amplifiers built around Emission Labs amazing 300BXLS driven by their 20B direct-heated triodes.

No shorter or simpler signal path is possible. Unparalleled phase, time, and harmonic coherency. Incredible micro-details and micro-dynamics combined with spacial cues will bring you closer to the original performance than you imagined was possible.

Must be heard to be believed.

  • Hand-built to your specifications from the finest parts available.
  • Simplified signal path class A single-ended direct-heated triode circuit.
  • Custom Teramoto Amorphous core output transformers.
  • Custom Lundahl Amorphous core chokes and power transformers.
  • Furutech connectors and UniCrystal OCC cotton covered silver hookup wire.
  • Choke input multi-stage power supplies with no electrolytic capacitors.
  • Custom exotic hardwoods and hardwood veneers with hand-rubbed finishes.
  • Starting at $19,999.95 with several levels of part and finish upgrade options.

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Additional Info