Atomic Audio Labs Nucleus Platform

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Optimized for original generation 1 Nucleus and Nucleus+.

We make beautiful music together:

Unlike most anti-resonant products that merely decouple, the Atomic Audio Platform is tuned to the resonant frequency of the Roon Nucleus so that it cancels out internal resonances.

Significantly improves performance:

  • Reduced listener fatigue with better harmonic coherency.
  • Greater definition with more organic tone, texture, and timbre.
  • Increased bass and high frequency extension with more effortless dynamics.
  • Increased articulation with more micro-detail and better micro-dynamics.
  • A deeper and wider soundstage with increased separation and air.
  • Better musical flow with more natural leading edge and sustain.

Multiple anti-resonant technologies:

  • Anti-resonant pad dampens the entire base of Nucleus to minimize internal resonance.
  • Resonance transfer column that sinks resonance into mass-loaded Acrylic base.
  • Tuned to the exact resonance frequency of the Nucleus for optimal dampening.
  • Optional three or four spikes or feet for optimal interfacing with furniture.
  • Mass-loaded Base isolates Nucleus from resonance in furniture.

Engineered to the highest standards:

  • Perfectly shaped transfer column that fits into the base of the Roon Nucleus.
  • Precision CNC machined from a 1” thick slab of clear Acrylic.
  • The same anti-resonant polymer used in many high-end turntables.
  • Engineered to the exact resonance frequency of the Roon Nucleus.
  • Decoupled from the surface with three or four adjustable spikes or feet.

Raised higher from surface to improve cooling of Nucleus chassis.

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