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Together, we make beautiful music.

Unlike most anti-resonant products that merely decouple, the Atomic Audio Platform is tuned to the exact resonance frequency of the Mac Mini so that it cancels out internal resonances in addition to decoupling.

Significantly improves performance:

  • Reduced listener fatigue from better harmonic coherency
  • Greater definition with more organic tone, texture, and timbre
  • Increased articulation with more micro-detail and micro-dynamics
  • A deeper and wider soundstage with increased separation and air
  • Better musical flow with more natural leading edge and sustain

Engineered to the highest standards:

  • Perfectly shaped to fit any 2010 and newer Mac Mini
  • Precision CNC machined from a 1” thick slab of clear Acrylic.
  • The same anti-resonant polymer used in many high-end turntables.
  • Engineered “pockets” that hold a precisely calibrated amount of lead.
  • Decoupled from the surface with three adjustable spiked feet.

$50 off when you purchase a platform with a power supply upgrade or media server package.

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