Deja Vu EVO Media Server

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The next level in computer-based digital source components.

Our Deja Vu EVO media server is the next incarnation of our award-winning Deja Vu music server. Built around a high-efficiency NUC board with an embedded quad-core AMD Ryzen processor, the EVO has the power to serve or stream any format or or resolution music file, play video files up to 4K, and run advanced digital signal processing software.

Powered by our Illuminati ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic LC choke-input linear power supply with five independent Belleson SPX ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators. Every board, card, drive, and clock can be independently powered. Now you can run upsampling, real-time file format conversion, digital room correction, and digital cross-over software, without the excess heat and power supply noise associated with most high-powered servers and streamers.

Optional high-performance PCIe I/O cards, optional NAS/router configurations, and an optional Illuminati power supply output jack, eliminate the need for a rat's nest of components and cables.

Why "EVO?"

Our Deja Vu EVO has the ability to swap out components and boards which allows the entry-level version to be upgraded to our most advanced version.

We're already planning new boards and modules that can be retrofit, such as different NUC boards, PCIe cards, additional digital outputs, and more advanced clocking. As new Linux compatible software becomes available we'll add it for you...just ask.

This will allow the Deja Vu EVO to keep up with whatever future needs you might have, whatever upgrades we might offer, and whatever future digital formats the industry may evolve towards.

Isn't it nice to know you have an upgrade and update path engineered into your next server?

Operating System and Software Options:

Our unique menu driven media optimized RAM-root Linux operating system minimizes latency and eliminates the need for an additional software SSD by loading 100% of the operating system and player software into RAM. When the player software is changed the system automatically uninstalls the current player and installs the new player into RAM.

Preinstalled Roon, HQ Player 3, 4, and 4 Pro, Roon + HQ Player 3, 4, or 4 Pro, JRiver 25 and 26, Qobuz direct, Spotify direct, and Rythmbox. All you need to do is install your license key(s).

NOTE: player software licenses are additional.

Our Linux experts provide training, troubleshooting, upgrades, updates, and support, via remote desktop and phone. Assistance with your wired and wireless networks is included. Free tech support for the first 45-days to get you set up and running. Extended 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year technical support contracts are available. Deja Vu recovery USB drive included.

High-performance I/O ports and NAS/RAID/router configurations.

The Deja Vu EVO comes standard with two USB 3.1 ports to use with keyboards, mice, and file transfer drives. An optional JCAT XE OCXO or Femto USB card can be added for world-class USB performance.

The EVO come standard with two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports and has the option to add a high-performance JCAT XE OCXO or Femto Ethernet card with two additional Ethernet ports. DNS router software comes standard. This allows direct connectivity to NAS/RAID drive arrays, an ISP modem, or a network audio adapter (NAA), without requiring an external switch or router.

This also allows multiple network audio devices or network audio adapters to be connected to one Deja Vu EVO for whole-house multi-room systems. We even have an optional external 3A power supply jack to power external devices saving significant cabling, rack space, and expense

Ethernet and USB cards are powered and isolated by Belleson SPX ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators. These high-performance PCIe cards are isolated from EMI, RFI, and mechanical resonance in a cradle floating on Sorbothane mounts separated by .25" thick ferrous shielding barriers.

Optional copper foil, ERS paper, and magnetic Graphene shielding can be added for an even lower noise floor.

Several integrated drive options.

The Deja Vu Music Server comes standard with 120GB Samsung mSATA card. Options include up to three SSDs with up to 12TB of music storage or two 3.5" HDDs SSD in a RAID 1 or 0 configuration with up to 24TB of music storage. All library storage drives are isolated from EMI, RFI, and mechanical resonance mounted in a cradle floating on Sorbothane standoffs. And all drives are independently powered and isolated with Belleson SPX ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators to assure optimal performance.

The finest components available:

  • Illuminati ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic linear power supply.
  • AMD Ryzen quad-core processor with turbo boost up to 3.7GHz.
  • Up to 32GB of Low-latency Corsair Vengeance RAM.
  • Samsung 860 Pro SSD with Sorbothane mounts and isolated power.
  • Up to five Belleson SPX regulators to independently power drives, cards, and clocks.
  • Optional JCAT XE or Femto USB card with Sorbothane mounts and isolated power.
  • Optional JCAT XE or Femto Ethernet card with Sorbothane mounts and isolated power.
  • .25" thick Ferrous shielded compartments isolate power, main board, SSDs, and cards.
  • Standard EAR Sorbothane feet with optional Stillpoints or Ingress Audio RollerBlocks.
  • 17.5"W x 12"D x 3.25"H and 29 pounds.

Illuminati power supply features and specifications:

  • Less noise than a LiO4 battery or Super Cap power supplies.
  • Up to 5 amps continuous power with up to 10 amp peaks.
  • Ultrafast-recovery with less than 10uS settling time from zero to full output.
  • Ultralow-noise with less than 50uV of peak-to-peak noise/ripple up into the GHz range.
  • Hot parts are heat sunk to the exterior allowing heat to dissipate through the entire chassis.
  • Choke input and sophisticated AC filtering - no AC power conditioners are required.
  • Cascaded spread spectrum capacitive filtering for expanded bandwidth.
  • Advanced grounding with DC ground lift and AC grounding post.

We use only the highest-quality parts:

  • Belleson SPX ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators.
  • High-current input choke reduces crest factor, heat, and stress.
  • Organic polymer capacitors with ESR as low as 7mOhms.
  • High-frequency MLCC and film capacitors to filter beyond 3GHz.
  • Advnaced discrete AC power filter with high-current film capacitors.
  • Low-resonance polymerized aluminum composite chassis.
  • Sorbothane and Herbie's Grungebuster anti-resonant mounts.
  • All non-magnetic stainless steel PEMs, screws, and hardware.
  • Laser etched lettering that will never rub or flake off.

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