Professional Reviews

Excerpts from a review of our Deja Vu music server by Mark Pearson:

"...I felt like I had been on a digital journey with the Déjà vu server. The reason I said that was I held some particular digital views as my truths and the Déjà vu server sort of blew those up. I was strongly adamant that DSD sounded better than PCM; really adamant. The Déjà vu server taught me that is not true. And no, it's not due to the Déjà vu server somehow homogenizing the sound so everything sounds the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every file sounds different and they sound as good or bad as the recording and mastering of the original files. I used to think that as the bit rate and sampling rate of files increased, so did the sound quality of the digital files. I no longer believe that to be the truth. I have heard well recorded/mastered 16/44.1 files sound every bit (no pun intended) as good as well recorded/ mastered 24/192 files."

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Customer Reviews

Benjamin -

Over the past week, I completed set-up of the music server and DAC which I purchased from you. Everything I read about Mojo Audio timbre and space is true.

I see that the source files are really important in showing what the system is capable of. The music server is so much more vivid compared to my original fan-less notebook server.

best regards,

- Patrick C., Calgary, Alberta

Hello Benjamin,

Just a quick note to give you some feedback on the Deja Vu. I am very pleased with it, and know it will serve me well for many years. I have a tablet with Android OS, and JRiver works well with it via EOS software. Thank you for your expert assistance over the many months during which I took my time to be better informed and to make my final choices. I would like to wish you a belated Happy New Year, filled with good health, peace, and much success for your company.

Best wishes,

- Erik H., Germany