DEMO 1M XLR Balanced AES Digital Cable

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Demo 1 meter XLR Balanced AES Digital Cable w/ Furutech CF-601/2 Connectors.


A classic design made from the most advanced of modern components. Our digital cables are constructed from high-purity foamed Teflon insulated OCC UniCrystal 24AWG silver wire and Furutech's best XLR connectors. Additional anti-resonant layers and floating silver-plated shield to eliminate signal ground contamination.

  • Constructed from OCC 24AWG UniCrystal silver wire.
  • Foamed Teflon insulation to minimize dielectric distortion.
  • Mechanical resonance dampened to minimize micro-voltage generation.
  • Floating silver-plated shield protects without contaminating signal ground.
  • Terminated with Furutech's high-performance CF-601/2(R) connectors.

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Additional Info

Demo 1M LXLR