DEMO Passive Attenuator (Preamp)

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DEMO Custom Passive Attenuator Preamp

Excellent volume control for any Mojo Audio DAC

We built these for customers who wanted to test a passive attenuator preamp with our DACs. We've found these high quality passive attenuators sound significantly better than the volume controls used by most companies in their DAC/preamps.

Constructed from the highest quality components. It would be hard to find a passive attenuator (preamp) that would sound more natural, neutral, or transparent.

  • Built around the Goldpoint 23-step attenuator
  • Wired with 23AWG OCC UniCrystal silver wire w/ cotton dielectric
  • Wired insulated with low absorbtion cotton dielectric
  • Furutech FT-909(R) low-mass RCA connectors
  • Heavy gauge extruded alluminum enclosure
  • EAR Sorbothane anti-resonance footers
  • Internal "Stealth" anti-resonance treatment

Additional Info

Additional Info