Professional Reviews

The Absolute Sound Best Sound for the Money RAMF 2015 – Dick Olsher

Audiphilia Best Sound Value at RMAF 2012 – Anthony Kershaw

AV Showrooms Silver Sound Award at Capital Audio Fest 2012 – Peter Breuninger

Customer Reviews

I have a Mojo SPDIF digital cable with BNC connectors and a magnet for filtering. This is being used on a Naim DAC. The first digital cable I used was the Chord Signature plus Digital cable with BNC connectors. It came highly recommended and it sounded very nice. The Mojo digital cable was even better. Less noise, darker background, more analog sounding with a very real sound to voices and instruments. I was very happy with the improvement. Highly recommended.

– Jeff, North Carolina

I have no idea about their power cables, but an hour ago I installed Mojo Audio’s digital cable with magnet upgrade. Total cost was $200 for 1m. It has been the most significant system upgrade I have ever done. Certainly better than any other cable upgrade, whether it be power, speaker, coaxial, or IC.

Mojo Audio claims this digital cable competes with those at $2k price range. They are not joking. Compared to my other digital cables, they have smashed this one out of the park. Mojo Audio’s specialty seems to be power cables. If their power cords are at the same level as this digital cable, then they know what they are doing.

– Agisthos, Posted to Audiogon’s forum

  I am a great fan of single ended 300B amps, and currently use an Art Audio Symphony ll and a custom 300B from 3Dimension Audio, with a Flora EX DT preamp and Ocellia Tilia and Diatone speakers, both of which are single driver full range designs. My favorite source at present is a 47 Labs Shigaraki transport into a Progression DAC. Interconnects are all Mojo Audio, and so are all my digital leads and power cords.

The addition of the Mojo Audio products has allowed me to realize my goal with these systems, which has always been to manifest the drive and control of transistor or push pull amplifiers with the tonal accuracy of 300B single ended amps, despite the print media's allegations that the domain of single ended amps is romantic euphonics and less than ideal reproduction of frequency extremes. These things are possible with tubes, with the proper attention to matching components and the connections between them, along with precise speaker placement. Of course, a lifetime of working in live music venues has given me a specific set of values in regards to what live music sounds like, from Opera to Ozzy.

In case anyone else reads these words, my recommendation is to get the best components you can afford, even if they are bought second hand through venues such as Audiogon, and link them together with Mojo Audio interconnects and power them with Mojo Audio power cords. The result is what has always been my personal goal with my systems and is the acclaimed goal of many an audiophile - realism in music reproduction. This is what I have had for many years, and the addition of the Mojo Audio products has enhanced this experience. The imaging and tonality of a good recording is all there, along with instruments that have their own individual dynamics, and vocals that come from people - human and present in the room when they are well captured in the recording. 

I can pay no higher complement to any audio product, as my concern is NOT for whether or not one can hear the second violinist scratch himself 0.23 seconds into the second movement of whatever oeuvre and the hyper detailing that is the current object of worship of the print media in their obvious attempts at pushing the products that advertise in their magazines.

I don't work for Ben or have any stock in the company, I am just a very happy customer.

Congratulations on a great range of products at affordable prices.

Yours Truly,

– Ray