Illuminati v3 Power Supply

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The ultimate audiophile power supply:

Our new Illuminati v3 incorporates the same unique multi-stage ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic filtering, self-resetting protection circuitry, and low-resonance polymerized aluminum composite chassis as our Illuminati v2, but in a larger chassis with more output options.

The larger chassis has additional thermal dissipation that allows for a higher current single voltage output or two 100% independent Illuminati v2 power supplies in one chassis.

Three different output configurations:

  • Single voltage output.
  • High-current single voltage output.
  • Dual voltage output 100% isolated secondary supply.

We've also incorporated a new discrete multi-stage cascaded AC input filter to optimize performance over a wider range of AC mains power.

More power...more options...more refinement.

Combining modern ultralow-noise regulators with old-school heavy iron:

Choke input power supplies were engineered roughly 90-years ago by Western Electric. By adding a choke between the rectifier and first capacitor of a power supply the crest factor, heat, and parts wear are reduced by literally 50%. The choke also acts as a reservoir for power and pre-regulates the DC doubling the efficiency and effectiveness of each consecutive stage of filtering. Our Illuminati concept combines the best of old-school heavy iron choke input regulation with modern ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators resulting in a power supply with lower noise and faster dynamic response that runs significantly cooler and lasts significantly longer.

Features and options:

Selectable 3-voltage output allows the same Illuminati to power a wide range of components.

Optional selectable 3-voltage second output to power a wide range of secondary components.

DC ground lift and grounding post to minimize AC noise and optimize system grounding.

Self-resetting protection circuitry assures both the power supply and your components are safe.

Self-resetting protection circuitry:

  • Thermistors instead of fuses to protect AC input.
  • Active minimal loading to protect unloaded supply.
  • Opticoupler controlled over-current protection.
  • Transorb over-voltage protection at output.

No other audiophile power supply offers you this level of protection.

An ideal replacement for power supplies on:

  • SOtM, microRendu, and LANRover network audio adapters
  • Mac Minis, Intel NUC, Sonic Transporter, and Raspberry Pi
  • DACs, headphone amps, phono stages, and cross-overs.
  • USB to S/PDIF and USB to I2S converters.
  • Routers, switches, and other network devices.
  • External drives, NAS, and RAID arrays.

Our Illuminati v3 is a plug-and-play upgrade for components with wall wart or brick type external power supplies. We make custom DC power cables to fit any specification. To power multiple components we offer an optional second regulated power output and dual DC power cables. If you require a specical connector that is not shown on our website please contact us.

Features and specifications:

  • Less noise than a LiO4 battery or Super Caps.
  • Up to 3 amps continuous power with up to 5 amp peaks.
  • Ultrafast-recovery with less than 10uS settling time from zero to full output.
  • Ultralow-noise with less than 50uV of peak-to-peak noise/ripple up into the GHz range.
  • Hot parts are heat sunk to the exterior allowing heat to dissipate through the entire chassis.
  • Choke input and sophisticated AC filtering - no AC power conditioners are required.
  • Cascaded spread spectrum capacitive filtering for expanded bandwidth.
  • Solid brass ground post and DC ground lift for optimized grounding.
  • 115V/230V switchable laboratory grade filtered 15A IEC power inlet.
  • Optional secondary selectable 3-voltage output.
  • 9" W x 3.5" H x 12" D and 13 pounds weight.

We use only the highest-quality parts:

  • SPRU ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic Belleson regulator.
  • Organic polymer capacitors with ESR as low as 7mOhms.
  • Mundorf AG+ M-Lytic 4-pole primary filter capacitor.
  • High-frequency MLCC bypass capacitors to filter beyond 3GHz.
  • Neutrik silver-plated high-current XLR DC power outlets.
  • Low-resonance polymerized aluminum composite chassis.
  • All non-magnetic stainless steel PEMs, screws, and hardware.
  • Sorbothane or Stillpoints Ultra Mini anti-resonant feet.
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