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Customer Reviews

I started my Mojo journey with the Mojo Lucent ICs which were simply the best I had heard at the time as compared to anything that wasn’t out-of-this-world costly.  I was directed to try the ICs by an audiophile who had sold his $6000 Stealth ICs after he heard the Mojo Lucent ICs.  I still think the ICs at $299.95  are the best audio value I have seen. I don’t see how anyone can go wrong when Mojo Audio give you 45-days to audition their products.

– Owen S.

Well, I don't know if the Mojo [Audio XIC ribbon] silver [interconnects] are 5X better than Stealth Indra Rev. 08's, but ding-dang, I'll be a monkeys uncle if I can hear any significant difference between a brand new, not-broken-in pair of $500 Mojo Silvers and a $6500 well broken-in pair of Indra's!!

Observe I said significant...the test was really a piss-poor contest because the [Mojo Audio ] 8AWG [Cross-Helix] PC's are not yet broken-in AND there was a brand new pair of Mojo [Audio XIC ribbon] copper [interconnects] following the [XIC ribbon] silvers in the signal path!  But, the only thing I might be able to point at was that the Indra's may have had slightly better resolution.  On the other hand I thought the [Mojo Audio XIC ribbon] Silvers gave a decidedly better/wider soundstage with superb imaging on the periphery (and I'm a soundstage freak, too!)! 

And, I further thought/observed that the [XIC ribbon] silvers exhibited a much more technicolor palate of musical tone---that is, there is no mistaking the fact that the Mojo [interconnects] were not playing in a dull, boring, digital, mechanical conundrum!  No, Sir!  The Silvers, like the Coppers have that same organic flavor to them.  Even though the cables were brand new and obviously a long way from sounding their best I was glued to my rockin' chair and thoroughly enjoying the Mojo's music!

Once again, I don't know how ya do it, but these Copper and Silver IC's are superb---they are equal to AND surpass 2 pair of cables that when purchased new exceed $8,000---HOLY SHIT!!! 

– Bruce, New York

I am using Mojo [original] ribbon interconnects using top of the line Furutech XLR connectors from my pre/pro to power amp. I am also using a Mojo [original ribbon] interconnect on my Naim CDX2 CD player. RCA to RCA. I have used JPS, Kimber Cable, Shunyata, and Furutech power cords. Mojo Audio power cords are more musically involving with better pace and rhythm than other power cords I have tried. You hear all the musicians playing their instruments individually so much better with Mojo Audio cords! Same goes for the interconnects. They are simply the best-sounding interconnects I have tried, and I have tried many brands. JPS, Kimber, Furutech are some of the many tried. Interconnects are revealing without being harsh, very musical, and show off layers of intricate musical detail. I highly recommend these power cords and interconnects.

If you enjoy music or great home theater sound, Mojo Audio power cords and interconnects demand a try! Once they are on your system, you will be thrilled with results!

– Jeff, North Carolina

Mojo Lucent with Furutech RCA plugs vs Chord Sarum RCA to RCA interconnect.

I own Mojo Audio Lucent interconnects. We took them off and installed a broken in Chord Sarum on Naim DAC. After 48 hours to let it settle in and I listened closely to selected tracks I knew well. The Sarum was softer with less transparency and depth. I put the Mojo Audio Lucent interconnects back in and it was immediately better sounding. More detail, immediacy, and transparency!

The Chord Sarums sell for 1500 pounds In the UK.  Thought you'd like to know this

I am a great fan of single ended 300B amps, and currently use an Art Audio Symphony ll and a custom 300B from 3Dimension Audio, with a Flora EX DT preamp and Ocellia Tilia and Diatone speakers, both of which are single driver full range designs. My favorite source at present is a 47 Labs Shigaraki transport into a Progression DAC. Interconnects are all Mojo Audio, and so are all my digital leads and power cords. 

The addition of the Mojo Audio products has allowed me to realize my goal with these systems, which has always been to manifest the drive and control of transistor or push pull amplifiers with the tonal accuracy of 300B single ended amps, despite the print media's allegations that the domain of single ended amps is romantic euphonics and less than ideal reproduction of frequency extremes. These things are possible with tubes, with the proper attention to matching components and the connections between them, along with precise speaker placement. Of course, a lifetime of working in live music venues has given me a specific set of values in regards to what live music sounds like, from Opera to Ozzy.

In case anyone else reads these words, my recommendation is to get the best components you can afford, even if they are bought second hand through venues such as Audiogon, and link them together with Mojo Audio interconnects and power them with Mojo Audio power cords. The result is what has always been my personal goal with my systems and is the acclaimed goal of many an audiophile - realism in music reproduction. This is what I have had for many years, and the addition of the Mojo Audio products has enhanced this experience. The imaging and tonality of a good recording is all there, along with instruments that have their own individual dynamics, and vocals that come from people - human and present in the room when they are well captured in the recording. 

I can pay no higher complement to any audio product, as my concern is NOT for whether or not one can hear the second violinist scratch himself 0.23 seconds into the second movement of whatever oeuvre and the hyper detailing that is the current object of worship of the print media in their obvious attempts at pushing the products that advertise in their magazines.

I don't work for Ben or have any stock in the company, I am just a very happy customer.

Congratulations on a great range of products at affordable prices.

Yours Truly,

– Ray