Lucent X Balanced Interconnects

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Awarded "Best of Show" at RMAF'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Sound: cost is no object" at AXPONA'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Loudspeakers $20K and up" at AXPONA'19 by The Absolute Sound (used with German Physiks Boarderland speakers)

Time, tune, tone, and timber.

Our Lucent X interconnects set a new standard for neutrally, organic character, and harmonic coherency. Constructed from high-purity foamed Teflon insulated OCC UniCrystal 24AWG silver wire floating in a low-dielectric braided tube. Our unique topology eliminates phase and time distortions caused by skin effects, dielectric absorption, and proximity induction.

Unique design - uncompromising components.

  • Constructed from 24AWG UniCrystal silver wire.
  • Foamed Teflon insulation to minimize dielectric distortion.
  • Mechanical resonance dampened to minimize micro-voltage generation.
  • Fully shielded to protect against EMF and RFI without contaminating ground.
  • Terminated with Furutech's high-performance FP-601/2(R) or CF-601/2(R) connectors.

If you would like plug set that is not offered or a custom length, please contact us.

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