Mystique EVO D/A Converter

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The next incarnation of our award-winning Mystique v3 DAC.

Why "EVO?"

Our Mystique EVO has the ability to swap out components and boards which allows the entry-level version to be upgraded to our most advanced version.

We're already planning new boards that can be retrofit, such as different DAC chips, additional digital inputs, more advanced clocking, and higher performance output stages. This will allow the Mystique EVO to keep up with whatever future evolutions we might offer. And whatever future digital formats the industry may evolve towards.

Wouldn't it be nice to know you have an upgrade and update path engineered into your next DAC?

Time, tune, tone, and timbre.

Our Mystique EVO digital-to-analog converter is a no-compromise design incorporating ultra-purist non-oversampling direct-coupled R-2R topology.

With no pre- or post-digital filtering, digital noise shaping, upsampling, oversampling, or error-correcting algorithms our digital signal path is the purest possible.

The result is the most natural time and tune possible from a digital source. Effortless micro-dynamics and incredible micro-detail preserve the tone, timbre, texture, and spatial cues that bring you closer to the original musical performance.

Error prevention vs. error correction.

Five independent choke input power supplies isolate each stage and eliminate bit read errors. Each power supply incorporates Mundorf M-Lytic AG+ 4-pole capacitors which in turn feed sixteen Belleson SPX ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators each with a 1,000uf Sanyo organic polymer capacitor to isolate each type of IC chip or clock.

The analog output stage is direct-coupled to provide the most linear and extended frequency response possible by eliminating output coupling capacitors and transformers that narrow bandwidth and cause phase and time distortion. For ultimate transparency the direct-coupled output stage incorporates Sparkos Labs discrete SS2590 pro audio op amps and Vishay's best TX2575 "Nude" resistors laser matched to 0.1% tolerance.

Our hardware-based demultiplexing circuit assures 100% phase and time coherency between channels by using a bank of logic gates to perfectly align the bits of the left and right digital words to the same clock cycle. To optimize linearity left and right channels each have a circuit that adjusts the voltage of the most significant bit (MSB) at the zero voltage crossing.

For isolation from grounding noise an advanced hybrid star/plane grounding schema is used to isolate input, digital, and analog grounding planes. We even incorporated a DC ground lift and chassis grounding post to allow system grounding to be optimized.

We've developed a unique low-resonance 2-piece polymerized aluminum composite chassis. Our chassis incorporates a rigid C channel base, Sorbothane standoffs to isolate the signal boards from mechanical vibration. And two EMI/RFI shielding ferrous barriers to isolate the power supply, digital signal board, and digital-to-analog signal board from each other.

Optional upgrades include Lundahl ferrous and amorphous core power supply chokes, Lundahl amorphous core S/PDIF input transformers, VH Audio quad-helix OCC wire to transfer power from the power supply to the circuit boards, Stillpoints Ultra Mini or Ultra II anti-resonance feet, ERS paper EMI/RFI shielding chassis lining, and a Cardas machined copper grounding post.

Three 24-bit 192KHz PCM digital Inputs.

Our Mystique EVO digital-to-analog converter converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via Femto clocked USB, coaxial S/PDIF, or balanced AES. Optional BNC and TosLink optical available.

The fifth of our independent power supplies is "floating" from all other AC and DC grounds. This 100% isolates the USB input from all other power supplies in the DAC. This eliminates the need for any external USB reclocking or regeneration devices.

To minimize input signal degradation, our USB input stage uses six dedicated ultralow-noise Belleson SPX regulators and over 6,000uf of organic polymer capacitance. Each stage is independently powered and all stages are galvanically isolated from USB buss power.

Uncompromising design.

  • Built around Analog Devices' legendary monolithic AD1862 R-2R ladder DAC chips.
  • Converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via USB, coaxial S/PDIF, AES, or TosLink.
  • Vishay TX2575 "Nude" resistors matched to 0.1% tolerance throughout analog signal path.
  • Direct-coupled ultrahigh-performance Sparkos Labs SS2590 discrete pro audio op amps.
  • No output transformers or coupling capacitors to narrow bandwidth or distort phase.
  • Hardware-based demultiplexing to ensure perfect phase and time coherency.
  • Independent circuits adjust linearity for L and R channels at the MSB zero voltage crossing.
  • Five independent choke input power supplies with Mundorf M-Lytic AG+ 4-pole capacitors.
  • Sixteen Belleson SPX ultralow-noise regulators isolate every type of IC chip and clock.
  • Furutech connectors and cotton covered OCC UniCrystal silver wire in the signal path.
  • Anti-resonant polymerized aluminum composite chassis with internal ferrous shielding.
  • Sorbothane anti-resonant standoffs under PC boards and Sorbothane feet under chassis.
  • Field convertible from 110VAC to 250VAC both 50Hz and 60Hz. (Japan AC Special order).
  • Grounding post and DC ground lift for optimized system grounding.
  • Optional upgrade to Stillpoints Ultra Mini or Ultra II anti-resonance feet and standoffs.
  • Optional upgrade to Lundahl ferrous or amorphous core power supply chokes.
  • Optional upgrade to Lundahl amorphous core S/PDIF input transformers.
  • Optional advanced discrete double-Pi multistage cascaded AC input filtering.
  • Optional power supply upgrade with VH Audio quad-helix OCC wire.
  • Optional EMI/RFI upgrade with ERS paper chassis lining.
  • 17.5"W x 3.5"H x 12"D and 29 pounds.

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