Professional Reviews

Awarded "Best Sound" (cost no object) at AXPONA'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Innersound at the Show" at AXPONA'17 by Part-Time Audiophile

Excerpts from a review of our Illuminati v1 by Karl Sigman:

"...Clean, transparent sound with dead quiets when should be and remarkable inner details exposed."

"Well, you can imagine how surprised I was to find that although the improvement in sound quality using USB was significant, it also was so for Ethernet (but not as pronounced): really dead quiet when there should be, and new inner detail exposed in recordings."

We are proud to be awarded Audiophilia’s Star Component status!

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Excerpts from the review of our Joule V Mac Mini upgrade by Karl Sigman:

“The Joule V offers a very significant improvement in sound over it’s earlier generations.”

“I would stack this new upgrade against any music server even higher in price. It’s a bargain.”

“The Joule V setup gets my highest recommendation.”

We are proud to be awarded Audiophilia’s Star Component status!

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Excerpt from the review of our Mac Mini upgrades by Scott Hull:

“...with the Mojo [Mac Mini Media Server], the sound feels more organic. Resonance and harmonics all seem more realized. ...The Mojo Audio Mac Mini Server is the best computer source that I’ve heard in my system to date.” Go to "Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile" to read the full review.

Excerpts from the review of our Joule III Mac Mini upgrade by Karl Sigman:

“Even people who are obsessed with vinyl might easily believe that they were listening to just that; but all was digital.”

“...compared to my regular Mac Mini...the sound was even deeper, richer, fuller, and more resolving with amazing clarity and transparency, and so clean, with impeccable quiets and timbrel accuracy.”

“The Mojo Audio Mac Mini upgrade kit...gets my highest recommendation.”

We are proud to be awarded Audiophilia’s Star Component status!

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Customer Reviews

I just got my Illuminati [v1], which means I can finally run it with my "moderately-modded" (I think; I'm not even sure) MZ2.

I spent a good amount of time with the modded MZ2 and a Joule 5, thanks to Ben at Mojo being generous enough to effectively loan me one for more than a month.

The Joule 5 was fantastic, and I thought that the Illuminati [v1] would be a fairly moderate upgrade.

I can say, however, that it's just amazing. I've only spent a couple hours with the Illuminati, but it's definitely a whole big jump up from the J5, and the J5 was a big jump up from the LPS.

It's like the J5 had taken a polishing rag to a dirty window and made it sparklingly clear. The Illuminati [v1] just removes the window entirely. There is no sense of separation from the sound. It's really quite amazing.

Now I can't wait until I get my hands on the Mystique [v2 Plus DAC] in a day or two.

- Zachary B., Japan

I'm having audio sadness. I had to return the first production Mojo Illuminati [v1] power supply to them for audition touring. I'm back to my old Joule V5 power supply. its no slouch, and sounds great, but the effect the Illuminati [v1] power supply had on the upgraded MicroZOTL2 was astounding, the near field Foster speakers (usually the ZOTL2 as a preamp) just disappeared, and i was left with a floating sound field of holographic proportions. The Foster X00 headphones became 3D and the soundstage became wider, more dynamic and full of more "musicality". i was truly spoiled by the positive synchronicity of the Illuminati [v1] and the upgraded MicroZOTL2.....

The upgraded ZOTL2 still sounds fabulous as a headphone amp and preamp, buts its nice to know the headroom for improvement continues to expand! this amazing amp seems to have few limits to how good it can get with increased excellence in the chain of power, source signal, cables, etc. the sky seems to be the limit….

- Dr. Blue, New Mexico

First I want to thank Ben for all his advice to me through the whole upgrading process, he has the enthusiasm to his job and audiophile, and most of all he makes great products!

As I mentioned in the main thread I sent my microZOTL2 to Ben and got literally all the best possible upgrades he had on it, such as rewiring with UniCrystal silver wire, Stillspoint standoffs and feet, replacing RCA input with Furutech XLR, Illuminati [v1] power supply, etc etc.

When I finally received the upgraded microZOTL2 with Joule v5, I immediately noticed that the improvement is in every aspect that I can think of without bringing anything "unpleasant" to the sound. Which is the problem I have most of the time upgrading gears, had improvement in A but had set back in B, then I get more upgrades and lost track with money flying away...

With Ben's upgrade and power supply there is none of that, you might not believe it, but the reason to it is the improvement was in transparency. Transparency is the best thing in audiophile, you hear more nuance, more low level details you never noticed before and instrument became easily distinguished/separated, more resolution, hence music is "flowing" easier, which some people may refer as "musicality". IMO this is achieved by kicking out the noise and distortions using premium components.

I had the stock power supply and LTA linear power supply before the upgrade. From stock to LTA linear power supply, the bass has the most improvement, and there are other improvement in mass and "presentness". If you feel that the microZOTL2 sounds thin in your system, the LTA LPS will worth it.

Unfortunately I cannot compare the LTA LPS directly to Joule v5 and Illuminati [v1] since I asked Ben to hard wire his power supply connector cable to my microZOTL2 so it's no longer compatible with stock and LTA LPS (now has 4-pin XLR connector to mojo audio PS instead of DC connector). So the differences I hear after the upgrade is stock microZOTL2 + LTA LPS v upgraded microZOTL2 + Joule v5.

And then I received the Illuminati [v1] last weekend. Compared to Joule v5, sound stage expanded and instrument placement became more precise while not sacrificing much mass of each instrument. Resolution boosted while still staying musical, instrument became more real life sounding. Joule v5 sounds like there is still something between you and the sound, AKA blurry. That is actually not a bad thing in some case since it gives you some warmth. But with illuminati, there is finally nothing to hide in the music, you get to see each and every thing like they were there in the room and revealing a whole lot more details.

One last thing to mention, after the transparency improved like this, tube rolling will make more difference since the microZOTL2 became more "sensitive". The same thing applies to other part of the system, make sure they have the potential to feed good signals to microZOTL2, and then you will never have to look back.

- Yukihasi

Good Morning (Alaska time) Ben-

I have been troubleshooting my home-built music server for some time, having discovered a type of “grunge” particularly in acoustical work, especially at low volumes.

With so many alternative settings for sample rates, and device outputs, it is a daunting task to find ways to solve bad sound that you know shouldn’t exist. I have a similar system in my office, but powered by Mojo Joule LPS, so know what a streaming PC music server should sound like.

I ended up switching out my old DAC (Wadia 121) with a newer, more expensive model, hoping that would solve the problem, but grunge still was present.

I finally decided to rule out all possibilities, resulting in me tracking you down for another linear power supply. After discussions with you, I opted to also upgrade my USB cable, and to install an Uptone Audio USB Iso-Regen device on my USB input for the DAC. I had to salvage the large dc plug from my switching mode power supply to allow you to customize the cable for powering my HTPC. While awaiting the fabrication of my custom 19v cable, I used my backup switching mode power supply. Even with the upgraded USB cable and Iso-Regen device properly installed, the “grunge” was still there, causing me to consider that perhaps my speakers were malfunctioning and possibly in need of repair.

Then my new power cable arrived, allowing me to finally put the Mojo Linear Power supply online. Wow.

Grunge: Gone. I can’t stop listening to music. Everything sounds great, at low volume; at high volume. The clarity and space are just fantastic. With our vacation schedules and my odd power cord, this took a while to execute, but oh I feel rewarded. Thanks.

  • Intel core i7 (fanless) PC, 16GB RAM, SSD. (powered by Mojo Joule v5)
  • JRiver Media Center software
  • Direc Live Room Correction Software
  • Uptone Audio USB Iso-Regen (powered by Mojo Joule v5)
  • Wadia Di 322 digital audio decoder
  • Pass Labs Aleph P preamplifier
  • Pass Laboratories Aleph 5 amplifier
  • Avantgarde Uno loudspeakers
  • Van Den Hul linear structured carbon interconnects
  • Van Den Hul linear structured carbon speaker cables
- James D., Alaska

Recently I was given the opportunity to hear Mojo Audio’s Extreme microZOTL2 upgrade [with Illuminati v1 power supply] as part of a complete Mojo Audio system.

This system consisted of:

  • Extreme microZOTL2 upgrade
  • Illuminati power supply with dual outputs
  • Mystique v2 Plus prototype DAC
  • PS Audio LANRover network audio device
  • Two WyWires Platinum USB cables
  • CAT7 Ethernet cable

I listened to the system through Fostex X00 Mahogany headphones using my Macbook air for files and streaming through Tidal and Soundcloud.

Ben Zwickel, head Mojo, dropped the system off and connected for me before he went off to a conference. I had a chance to listen to it for about a week before it was taken back and shipped off to other audio reviewers.

Just a note for those of you that may be unfamiliar with the components. The Illuminati [v1] power supply has an optional second output that can be a second voltage. In this case it was set to 5V to power the PS Audio LANRover, which when put between a computer and DAC, is reputed to significantly improve the performance. The WyWires USB cables and CAT7 Ethernet cables listed above were used with the LANRover between my computer and DAC.

The Illuminati [v1] has an optional three voltage selectable output so you could choose between 5V - 7V - 12V or 5V - 7V - 9V or 5V - 9V - 12V. This would allow you to power just about any USB regen/reclock, USB to S/PDIF, or Ethernet to USB devices on the market, as well as several DACs, phono stages, and music servers. The Illuminati [v1]I borrowed had one output with 5V - 7V - 12V and one 5V - 9V - 12V which would allow me to use my microZOTL2 along with just about any device that runs on 5V to 12V on the market. The LANRover just happened to be one device that Ben was auditioning at the time, so he lent it to me knowing the limitations of my Mac Air Book I use as my music server.

At first listen (one hour after plugging it in on my headphone desk) the system sounded off, the tones of the instruments unnatural and the dynamics poor. I figured it was too cooled down from the transport from Mojo Audio labs to my house, so waited till the next morning to listen.

Sure enough the system was 300% better. It continued to improve for about another 24 hours and always sounded better if I left it on for over an hour after overnight shut off to save tubes life.

Ben had asked me to A/B/C/D/ test the components in various combinations to try to tease out what contributed to the sound quality. By the end of the third day, I could not bring myself to change out any of the components. The sound was so magnificent and involving, that I lost hours listening to a variety of music through my various sources.

When Ben returned from his journey to repossess the system, I reluctantly gave it up so other reviewers could hear it. So this report is for all of the above components being connected rather than part of the upgrade ingredients combined with my other components. Sorry about that but the sound was so enticing it literally kept me hypnotized by its extreme beauty.

This entire system was the first digital system that matched or surpassed the sound quality of my old Sota Sapphire vinyl system through Krell electronics and Apogee Diva Speakers and Audioquest silver cabling. The tones were right on, the textures meaty and palpable, the PRAT outstanding, the musicality outrageous. At times I forgot what I was listening to and just surrendered to the music, which caused me to have musical dreams emotional experiences and that old high end test: goosebumps.

This upgraded system made my headphones sound at least 2 or 3 x better than I've ever heard them before. The bass: under control even at loud volumes playing EDM (Master Margheria, Johnnie Blue, FLAC files). Voices: Dylan, country rock, classical, really any genre of music, sounded human rather than digital, and the emotional communication between performer and listener was better than I've ever heard on a headphone system before.

I’ve since returned to my own system of mildly upgraded microZOTL2, Mystique DAC v.1, V link digital transmission system, and Joule v5 power supply. This system is no slacker, and not cheap, and it sounds good to be sure. But I do feel like left sonic paradise behind and returned to sonic ”as good as I can afford” territory. The total cost of the completely upgraded system was prohibitive to my budget, but some lucky customer who can will have their mind blown by this system in its entirely. Each part of the upgrade I'm sure made a serious contribution to the overall gestalt of the excellence of the upgrade system.

I wouldn't know where to begin to recommend what to upgrade first.It’s lovely to know however that TOTL sound is available NOW from Mojo Audio and that mad scientist Ben Z who designs and hand builds these upgrades and devices.

My desk feels a bit lonely now, thats true, but i shall have to plan for future upgrades….

- Dr. Blue, New Mexico

I promised Ben that I would post some impressions of my MicroZOTL2 upgrade to share with you all. It’s been almost 2 months since I received my unit back from Mojo Audio. Apologies to Ben and staff that it’s taken me awhile to get my act together and get around to this.

I went for the “extreme” upgrade to my MZ2:

  • Replace stock volume knob with 24-Step Goldpoint Attenuator
  • Replace stock RCA jacks with Furutech RCA jacks
  • Replace stock fuse with a Thermistor Fuse Upgrade
  • 105C Capacitor Upgrade
  • 24AWG UniCrystal Silver/Cotton Wiring Upgrade
  • 1 M Hardwired ZOTL DC power Cable
  • Stillpoints Ultra Mini legs and Standoffs
  • B-Quiet Chassis treatment
  • 4-Pin XLR Headphone Connector

The hardwired DC power cable was of course for the new Illuminati [v1] LPS that I also purchased from Mojo Audio.

First off, let me just start off by saying that, unsurprisingly, my system sounds absolutely amazing. The very first thing I noticed was how black the background was. This of course can be attributed to the Illuminati LPS. Listening to Doug MacLeod’s “There’s a Time” album, I could definitely here some more low-level detail and bass impact with my HifiMan HEK’s which I am familiar with. I detected some improved transparency and a bit of an increase in sound stage width. There was just more “there” there. What an amazing upgrade the LPS is to the entire system. Ben was kind enough to burn in my Illuminati for me while he was waiting the 10 days it took for my ZOTL2 to be shipped to him, and since he had to keep the amp a little while longer while some parts were backordered before he could start my upgrades, the Illuminati [v1] got some decent burn-in time that I was able to benefit from when it arrived back at my home.

What has kept me from posting impressions right away is that it just wasn’t the MZ2 upgrades that I embarked upon, I took the time that my MZ2 was away with Ben to also upgrade my DAC to the T+A DAC8 DSD and I also purchased the Focal Utopia headphones. So while I can say that my system sounds leaps and bounds better than what I had before I sent my amp off to Mojo, I’m struggling to quantify how much of the improvement I can directly attribute to the individual upgraded components of the ZOTL2, the Illuminati [v1] LPS, and the new T+A DAC and Utopias that are getting all my head time now.

With the Utopias, the micro resolution and transparency I’m now hearing is astonishing. I wish I had the Utopias before I sent my MZ2 off for upgrades so that I could intelligently say how much of an improvement the upgrades made. I’m sure that the upgrades are making a tremendous improvement to what I would have heard with the Utopias before I upgraded, but we’ll have to just chalk that up to an educated guess on my part.

Needless to say, Ben told me that with my upgrades and new Illuminati [v1] I would probably sh** myself when I heard how good it all sounds. While I’ve yet to soil my knickers, you can believe that I have a sh**-eating grin on my face every time I sit down for a session. I always thought that the ZOTL2 was punching way above it's price point when I first received it from Linear Tube Audio, but I have to say that I think, with even some modest upgrades and improved power supply, it's really stepped up several notches. I'm really looking forward to reading the reviews of the upgraded unit Ben is sending around to professional reviewers.

I especially have to give a huge shout-out to Ben at Mojo and his superb customer service. He was very patient with me, and helped walk me through a problem I was having with my system when I got it back from him. I was hearing some noise that I first thought might have been an issue with the upgrade. I was feeling like I was being a bit of a pest, bugging him with the issue, but over a long email exchange, he was able to help me identify that it was a ground loop issue with how I was powering my T+A DAC. Problem solved. Thanks Ben!

- Edmonton, Canada

One available upgrade to the MicroZOTL is to replace the stock power supply with a higher-quality third-party replacement. I've recently had the opportunity to audition the Mojo Audio Illuminati [v1] power supply, an external power supply that is often paired with the MicroZOTL but can be used with many other devices as well.

I had purchased a MicroZOTL2S through the recent Massdrop opportunity and was very happy with the sweet but detailed sound it brought to my music. This version already included an improved linear power supply (LPS) and I couldn't see how much difference a third-party power supply could make. Nevertheless, when the opportunity to audition the Illuminati [v1] arose, I signed up. It was several months before my turn came around but I did eventually get a chance to listen and compare.

I spent a week with it--it was already broken-in--and then brought it to a small listening session on the weekend with several other DC area Head-Fiers. We all tried switching between the two power supplies--we found that we could just unplug one and plug in the other (with the amp on) and that seemed to work okay. All (myself included) agreed that the Illuminati was a noticeable improvement, with greater 3-dimensionality, wider sound stage, greater impact, more control, and a firmer low end. I listen mostly to Redbook Classical CDs of recordings from the 50s, 60s, and 70's. One of my favorite recordings is this pairing of two live performances. Compared to the stock LPS, I found that with the Illuminati [v1], the the instant of contact of the bow striking the cello was more clearly resolved with percussive detail. The overall tone of the cello (an instrument whose sound alone can bring me to tears) was vivid and sweet. The orchestral sound had greater clarity and impact across the frequency spectrum.

When I listen to music, I am seeking an experience of engulfing delight that precludes me thinking or doing anything else--I can't listen while I'm working like some other people do. (This, of course, makes it harder to find time to listen. ) I should mention that the other equipment included a NAD CD player, a Schiit Yggdrasil, and a pair of Focal Utopias--all very resolving and detailed. For me, through this chain, the Illuminati [v1] enhanced that experience sufficiently to persuade me to buy an Illuminati [v1] for myself.

PS - Here's my recently acquired understanding of why a power supply can make such a difference. An amplifier does not actually magnify a signal. Instead, it uses the signal to control another. In the case of vacuum tubes, the input voltage controls an output current. It's like a voltage-controlled valve (which is what the English call them). That output current is what the power supply provides. No matter how good the input voltage, if the output current source isn't clean, the output will be affected.

- Ken Davis, USA

Ok Benjamin,

As you may remember, my main purpose for purchasing your power supply was to hopefully reduce or eliminate the music drop outs via my Auralic Vega DAC when implementing it's "EXACT" Femto Clock setting.

Unfortunately there is very little if any music Drop Out change.

However, I have spent some time going back and forth between the original internal Mac-Mini power supply and your Mojo supply. The sonic upgrade when switching to your design is HUGE in my system. Far more refined from top to bottom. Lots more musical, Alive, dimensional and far more capable a higher volumes where it is so much more fun to listen because the music simply expands and fills the entire listening venue.

When listening at these higher volumes with the stock power supply in line, the music is just too harsh to enjoy.

Cool stuff Benjamin.

– Lance A., USA

Hi Ben,

I wanted to let you know that I received the PSU today It's fantastic!!!!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to return the previous unit in exchange for this Joule V....truly stellar customer service.

I'll be your biggest supporter and I'll try my best to spread the word around with all the people I know about your amazing products and professionalism Many thanks

– Alessandro P., Europe

I am writing to express my delight and appreciation for the mods you recently completed on my 2012 Mac mini. In addition to your usual conversion you also added a 2nd 1TB [SSD] hard drive, partitioned my primary drive and downloaded both windows and JRiver.

The workmanship is first class and the sound rivals any digital player I have heard. For the first time I can say that my system sounds great using my computer, not just great for digital!

Much of this is certainly due to the Joule V which smokes my old Joule III. I am grateful for the trade in program which adds value to the purchase.


– Anthony C., USA

Mother fucking holy shit, OH MY GOD. Thank you for all your help. What incredible, mammoth, big, bold sounds are pouring out of this little computer. Sublime, detailed, quiet, yet bombastically LOUD. Tambourine, cymbals, bass strings, even Solina keyboards, decay like they’ll never end. Norah Jones made me cry like a Divergent-loving teenage girl. You are a goddamn genius. Genius! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Monty C., USA

My wife: "If I hear the difference?! Hell yes I do... It's way more 'sprinkling', it is as if the stage got bigger..."

Ben, I can't give you a bigger compliment...!!!

Sprinkling = full of sparkles :-)

– Ronald, Norway

Hi Benjamin,

Just wanted to give you some brief feedback on my experience with the Joule IV [DIY power supply upgrade kit] for the Mac Mini.

Installation was easy, especially with the instructions you provided - actually the most tricky part was putting the Mac-Mini back together, specifically the metal grille with the airport antenna which is a real fiddle...

Regarding the sound, I was expecting good things, but I wasn’t quite prepared on how BIG the impact would be. To summarize the effect, which is most noticeable on any well recorded acoustic music is what I can only describe as stunning, lifelike, naturalness of recordings that I now perceive. As a general characteristic, all recordings that I listen to seem to have a “sparkle" and naturalness to them that I had not noticed before. In particular for vocals, not only is the stereo image better, but the realism is now quite uncanny - voices have a real presence, and sound lifelike, i.e. if the person is really present and singing in the room.

In fact this is the overall characteristic/improvement - the sound now has a lifelike vitality and realism across the board, and even iTunes 256kbps tracks benefit from this, although obviously the biggest benefit is on HD tracks. For example, I have been listening to...192KHz/24 bit, and the sound is so good, so lifelike sounding, that if I close my eyes it does not take much to imagine that I am actually listening to the sound live...I have never heard a digital set up sounding like this before!

So, I’m totally blown away! Now I just have to find time to listen to my whole music collection afresh…


– Paul S., USA

Well after several days of needed burn in this thing sounds amazing. The music is so real and I get lost in the enveloping beautiful music. Open and detailed in a way that brings you into the music.

Most impressed.

Crazy imaging a stage presence now.

Nice job on this power supply Ben!

– Bill Dion, USA

This is my first post at CA [Computer Audiophile Forum]. I found this sight while researching Mac mini music servers. I am fairly computer illiterate but have done a lot of research in the past three months and settled on the Mojo Audio Joule II and ordered mine the day the newest Mac Mini became available. It arrived last Friday and I have been very pleased. It was $2300 shipped with the newest Mac mini and I believe 10 or 16GB RAM, all 3 second option filter upgrades, SSD drive, Audirvana and hard wired together.

The key is it sounds wonderful, looks professional and solid and works flawless. It sounds far better than my Mac Book Air and as good as anything I've heard. To me it was clearly worth the money and I am very very happy and no headaches trying a DIY thing myself. I'm glad I ordered one and I think I have gotten a great deal. It cost me half of the Naim system I was thinking about and to me it sounds equally good or better.

– Jim, California

My first post at CA [Computer Audiophile Forum] also. And I can only echo everything Jim said above. I first heard of Mojo Audio at RMAF, and liked what I heard, and liked what I heard talking to Benjamin as well. Very honest, forthright person, no BS sales pitch.

I received a Mojo Mac mini and power supply a few days ago, and compared it side by side to a dell laptop, a stock mac mini, and to a Core Audio Kryptos music server.

The difference was quite obvious. It was hard to tell the difference between the dell, the stock mini and the Core audio server, unless playing them side-by-side. The Mojo server is obviously in another league. Right out of the box. More solid build quality, and totally plug-and-play. Much more detail, as my wife kept pointing out, you can hear more individual instruments in a large group, and hear individual voices and parts in massed choral work. Hear the distinct timbre of woodwinds, strings, brass. e.g. Hearing a clarinet then an oboe in Joni Mitchell’s Down to You, the complementary harmonizing of the two jump out at you, rather than being "homogenized." Very happy with this one!

– Robert Taylor, New Mexico

The package arrived this afternoon and we are listening since half an hour. The power supply is used without dc filter by now and powered by your new [Enigma power] cable.

We can say that it clearly destroys Kingrex SLA battery.....sound quality is simply on another planet, it has been like comparing apples and oranges...BRAVO!!! GREAT JOB!!! Seems like [it is] sounding better minute after minute…

– Fillippo, Italy


Your [Mac Mini] power supply [upgrade kit] sounds incredible. More detail- more body- less fatiguing.

This is a necessary component for computer-based music. This is the first time I have surpassed an all in one CDP using computer audio.

I am very thankful.

Warm regards,

– Steven Rubin, Israel

Hi. First I want to thank you for your help. Second the installation [of your Mac Mini power supply upgrade kit] was easy with the information you sent me. After the installation I listen several files the change was incredible in all aspects. My best upgrade I've done to my system. Thanks,Thanks,Thanks. I would like to express more details but do not speak much English.

- Jose, Puerto Rico

I started my Mojo journey with the Mojo Lucent ICs which were simply the best I had heard at the time as compared to anything that wasn’t out-of-this-world costly. Then the Mojo music server blasted away a lot of paradigms that I held for the 25 years I have been participating in the world of the high end. I first tried the Mojo Mac Mini with the basic power supply and found it to be superior to any transport I had used (primarily Naim and Cambridge audio), then at Benjamin’s suggestion I tried the upgraded power supply and was blown away at the difference. How did a better power supply for the little Mac Mini make such a big musical difference? I still don’t know, but it does. It improves all areas of musical reproduction, most noticeably the detail and dynamics. I was using a Chris Johnson modified Benchmark DAC (with the Burson discrete output stages) with the music server and was loving it. The modified Benchmark is an analog sounding music maker – way better than the stock Benchmark. In fact, the modified Benchmark literally made the stock DAC unlistenable and this is no exaggeration. And the stock DAC is considered a reference by a number of reviewers! I don’t see how anyone can go wrong when Mojo Audio give you 45-days to audition their products.

– Owen S., USA

I just received the Joule II power supply. Gorgeous sound!! More detailed, instruments much more separated, wider sound stage. Really High fidelity. Thank you.

I just took the time to compare with and without the Joule II power supply - like night and day!!

Much, much more natural, spacey, detailed but warm. And thanks for your advice about Audirvana, more natural than Amarra ;-)

– Vincent S., USA

Just to say I got the Joule PSU today !! I heard my Mini with the PSU for about 1h, and the sound imaging is really much deeper and larger than before. Dynamics is also better (bass impact, drumming…). Many thanks to you and greetings from France ;o)

– Jean-Francois, France

At first listen I notice the individual notes are cleaner sounding and the background percussion instruments are more prominent. I think I am very close to the point of diminishing returns. I am going to wait awhile to really listen to the Joule II. It wasn't as big an improvement as the computer and modded PS. I have paid a lot of attention to detail in this system, power, vibration control, acoustics treatments act. This system sounds just fantastic. I haven't walked out of any local stereo stores lately and thought I wish. Just the opposite. Your power supplies and the mac server are far and away the biggest improvement that I have made. I feel very lucky that I found you and Mojo Audio. I wish that more audiophiles could find you, but then sometimes I'm selfish and think that I am enjoying a forbidden pleasure.

I have no doubt the it will get better. Each time before I heard an improvement when I listened after 8-10 hours them a bigger improvement after 24 and it just kept getting better for quite a while. I could hear an improvement in the first song that I played. You're right it's the separation of more instruments and instead of first hearing the bongos now it's the tonal characteristics of the bongo's. I am finding it harder and harder to play music and not just sit down and listen. There are times when I hear things and just chuckle because I have not heard it on some very good systems.

– Ed, USA

It's a kind of Magic! Thanx.

– Vincent le Bienheureux

Mojo Audio's latest music server with the new Joule III power supply surpasses not only the earlier versions, but it also surpasses all of my previous attempts during the last 30 years to find a front end that allows me to simply enjoy and feel the music, rather than constantly have to think and become annoyed by the sound.

For the last three decades I have tried all kinds of power line AC conditioners and rather extreme battery supplies, and only to become disappointed when the novelty of the initial difference wore off. Each product managed to change the sound in one way or another, but it was typically a "side-grade" rather than an up-grade.

I then came to know Mojo Audio through their power cables and interconnects, which were wonderfully neutral. I wish I had understood the obvious but elusive concept and philosophy of pursuing the ideal neutral much sooner, as it really increases pleasure and saves money by minimizing the continuous pitfalls and vicious cycle of of always having to look for a new component that will somehow cover-up for a weakness or exaggeration somewhere else in the system.

The sooner you - as an audiophile - experience the soundness (couldn't resist) of the neutrality and musicality of Mojo Audio products, the more you will be free to enjoy your music right away, and save money in the future by minimizing the constant craving for the the "up-grade" fix.

As a side note, since I still have the floor/page. I sometimes amuse myself by inviting analytical left brain engineers to enjoy the Mojo Audio products. Typically, they become somewhat annoyed or bewildered when I demonstrate the real musical enhancements accomplished by the Mojo Audio product line.

Call me mean or call me an audiophile!

Maybe it's the cognitive dissonance of hearing something that can not be immediately explained by the textbooks of their hard earned degrees. Fortunately, my degrees are in different fields, and I have no problems whatsoever to enjoy any present or future musical upgrades that Mojo Audio hopefully will enrich my life with.

Thank you, Mojo Audio!

– JP, California

I had made my PSU and IFM done in my quad-core 2012 Mac Mini. It does a good job and stage more wider and clarity improved significantly.

– Albert Chen, China