S/PDIF Digital Cable RCA

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Its like a cloud has been lifted.

We combine ultrahigh-bandwidth gigabit-rated digital wire with our carbon fiber sheilding and cotton dielectric to significantly reduce RFI, EMI, and mechanical resonance. The result is a graceful yet articulate sound without any of the hardness or harshness normally associated with digital music.

  • Ultrahigh bandwidth gigabit-rated digital wire
  • Noise-canceling geometry to minimize EMI/RFI interference
  • Carbon fiber shielding and natural cotton dielectric
  • Floating shield allowing optimized grounding at source or destination
  • High-performance Furutech FP-126 RCA or FP-3-117 BNC connectors
  • RCA or BNC connectors are available at either or both ends.

If you would like plug set that is not offered or a custom length, please contact us.

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Additional Info