Solid-State Headphone/Pre Amplifier

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Awarded "Best Innersound at the Show" at AXPONA'17 by Part-Time Audiophile

Dynamic, fast, transparent, and musical.

This solid-state headphone/pre amplifier by Exit Level Audio sounds as amazing as it looks.

The hand-built exotic hardwood chassis would make this headphone/pre amplifier the centerpiece of any high-end audio system. But what really sets this amp apart from most is its power supply and autoformer stepped attenuator. SiC rectifier diodes feed 300mA choke inputs, Nichicon capacitors, and Belleson ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators on both the positive and negative power rails. Sparkos discrete op amps feeding a Diamond buffer output stage. Furutech RCA connectors, silver plated 4-pin XLR headphone connector, and cotton covered UniCrystal OCC silver wire bring it all together.

The result is a solid-state headphone/pre amplifier that defies the genre with effortless dynamics, incredible low-level detail, spacious transparency, and musical liquidity.

  • Hand-built chassis made from exotic hardwoods with a hand-rubbed finish.
  • Intact Audio Autoformer stepped attenuator volume control with Elma switch.
  • Silicon Carbide rectifier diodes and 300mA choke inputs on both power rails.
  • Sparkos discrete op amps and Diamond buffers powered by Belleson regulators.
  • Silver plated 4-pin XLR headphone output and attenuated or fixed preamp outputs.
  • Furutech RCA connectors and UniCrystal OCC cotton covered silver hookup wire.

Private auditions available.

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Additional Info