USED 1.5M Lucent Basic Interconnects RCA

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This is a used 1.5 meter pair of our Lucent Basic Interconnects with RCA connectors.

Excerpts from a review of our Lucent interconnects by Lewis Dardick:

"In the end the Mojo [Lucent] SE were my overall favorite interconnect, and my ticket to audio nirvana, at a relatively modest price for high end audio."

"The Mojos [Lucent interconnects] exhibited an overall smooth and musical character with all recordings they were tested with. Their strength definitely lies in the midrange, where weight, texture and subtle nuances were obvious."

"The [Lucent] SEs bested their high performing sibling CFCs in mining out details in a musical performance. The Mojo Audio Lucent SEs are my new reference interconnect, albeit at a relatively modest price for high end audio."

We are proud to be awarded Stereo Time Most Wanted Component 2015

Go to "Stereo Times" to read the full review.

Go to "Stereo Times" to read the full 2015 Most Wanted list.

Time, tune, tone, and timber.

Our Lucent ribbon interconnects set a new standard for neutralliy, organic character, and harmonic coherency. Constructed from high-purity micro-dielectric coated 21AWG ribbons with edge-oriented parallel ribbon geometry and near-air cotton dielectric. Our unique topology eliminates phase and time distortions caused by skin effects, dielectric absorbtion, and proximity induction. Our CFC and SE versions incorporate a layer of carbon fiber braid improves shielding from RFI and EMI noise while providing additional mechanical resonance dampening.

Unique design - uncompromising components.

  • Ribbon conductors eliminate phase and time distortion
  • Constructed from 21AWG high-purity OFC copper and silver ribbons
  • Thermo-bonded micro-dielectric prevents oxidation of the ribbon conductors
  • Edge-oriented parallel ribbon geometry minimizes negative inductive effects
  • Near-air dielectric braided cotton intermediary layer minimizes dielectric absorption
  • Floating shield protects the signal from EMF and RFI without ground contamination
  • Mechanical resonance dampening to eliminate micro-voltage generation
  • Braided carbon fiber layer to further lower the noise floor on our CFC and SE models
  • Terminate with Furutech's high-performance FP-126(R) connectors

Lucent Basic

  • High-purity micro-dielectric coated copper ribbons
  • Terminated with Furutech FP-126(R) and FP-601/2(R) connectors
  • Braided cotton dielectric/dampening intermediary layer
  • Floating braided copper shielding

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Additional Info