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Deja Vu music server with JCAT Femto USB card and 1TB SSD.

Awarded "Product of The Year 2018" by Audiophilia

Awarded "PF Writer's Choice 2018" by Positive Feedback Online

Awarded "Star Component" by Audiophilia

Awarded "Best of Show" at RMAF'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Sound: cost is no object" at AXPONA'17 by The Absolute Sound

Awarded "Best Innersound at the Show" at AXPONA'17 by Part-Time Audiophile

Excerpts from a review of our Deja Vu music server by Karl Sigman:

"Mojo Audio has created here one of the finest (if not the finest) music servers I have ever heard."

"I never heard such digital sound quality on my system as I did using this Deja Vu. CD rips, or higher resolution PCM, and DSD files all benefited from the Deja Vu."

"Each instrument down to individual cymbals in percussion seemed to have more space in the sound stage to display their natural timbre."

"Clean, accurate, transparent..."

Go to "Audiophilia" to read the full review.

Excerpts from a review of our Deja Vu music server by Mark Pearson:

"...I felt like I had been on a digital journey with the Déjà vu server. The reason I said that was I held some particular digital views as my truths and the Déjà vu server sort of blew those up. I was strongly adamant that DSD sounded better than PCM; really adamant. The Déjà vu server taught me that is not true. And no, it's not due to the Déjà vu server somehow homogenizing the sound so everything sounds the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every file sounds different and they sound as good or bad as the recording and mastering of the original files. I used to think that as the bit rate and sampling rate of files increased, so did the sound quality of the digital files. I no longer believe that to be the truth. I have heard well recorded/mastered 16/44.1 files sound every bit (no pun intended) as good as well recorded/ mastered 24/192 files."

Go to "Positive Feedback Online" to read the full review.

Unparalleled performance.

Our Deja Vu Music Server is optimized for 24-bit 192KHz PCM, Double-Rate DSD, and MQA music streaming. Built around a low-noise ultrahigh-efficiency 6 watt main board with an integrated Intel quad-core processor. Powered by our Illuminati ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic linear power supply and Internal Regulator Modules. Optional high-performance JCAT Femto USB and/or optional JCAT Femto Ethernet cards.

Operating System and Software Options:

The Deja Vu music server comes with an optimized Linux Studio operating system.

Optional player software packages include: Roon, HQ Player, JRiver, and/or Tidal.

NOTE: customer must provide all player software licenses.

Mojo Audio provides customer support on the optimized version of Linux Studio we install. We have found that the optimized version of Linux Studio we provide is the most stable and lowest overhead full-featured operating system we can offer.

The Deja Vu music server can run on Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2016. Any version of Windows can be run with Audiophile Optimizer or Fidelizer.

Mojo Audio will install, update, and optimize any version of Windows, Audiophile Optimizer, or Fidelizer, but we will not offer customer support on any Windows operating system.

High-performance dedicated digital ports.

Our Deja Vu Music Server comes standard with two Ethernet ports and four USB ports. There is an option to have up to two high-performance PCIe I/O cards isolated in a ferrous shielded compartment each independently powered by our Internal Regulator Modules. Options include the JCAT Femto USB card and JCAT Femto Ethernet card.

For a server/NAS configuration two Ethernet cards with up to eight additional ports can be added. A high-performance Ethernet card would allow direct connectivity to NAS/RAID drive arrays, an ISP modem, or a network audio adapter (NAA), without requiring an external switch or router. This also allows multiple network audio devices or network audio adapters to be connected to one Deja Vu for whole-house multi-room systems.

Several integrated drive options.

The Deja Vu Music Server comes standard with 120GB Samsung mSATA SSD cache drive for software. Options include up to three SSDs with up to 12TB of music storage or a dual SSD mirrored RAID with up to 4TB of redundant music storage.

All SSDs are isolated in a ferrous shielded compartment, mounted on Sorbothane standoffs, and are independently powered by our Internal Regulator Modules for optimal performance.

The finest components available:

  • NEW custom RAM-root Linux operating system.
  • Illuminati ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic linear power supply.
  • Intel quad-core processor with turbo boost up to 2.6GHz.
  • Low-latency CAS 9 RAM with integrated heat sink.
  • Samsung mSATA solid-state storage card for operating system and software.
  • Samsung 850 Pro solid-state drives with Sorbothane mounts and isolated power.
  • Up to three Internal Regulator Modules to independently power drives and cards.
  • Optional JCAT Femto PCIe USB output with isolated power supply.
  • Optional JCAT Femto PCIe Ethernet output with isolated power supply.
  • Ferrous shielded compartments isolate power, main board, SSDs, and I/O cards.
  • Sorbothane feet and Sorbothane standoffs isolate main board and SSDs.
  • 17.5"W x 12"D x 3.25"H

Illuminati power supply features and specifications:

  • Less noise than a LiO4 battery or Super Cap power supplies.
  • Up to 3 amps continuous power with up to 5 amp peaks.
  • Ultrafast-recovery with less than 10uS settling time from zero to full output.
  • Ultralow-noise with less than 50uV of peak-to-peak noise/ripple up into the GHz range.
  • Hot parts are heat sunk to the exterior allowing heat to dissipate through the entire chassis.
  • Choke input and sophisticated AC filtering - no AC power conditioners are required.
  • Cascaded spread spectrum capacitive filtering for expanded bandwidth.
  • Solid brass ground post and DC ground lift for optimized grounding.

We use only the highest-quality parts:

  • Belleson SPRU ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulator.
  • High-current input choke reduces crest factor, heat, and stress.
  • Organic polymer capacitors with ESR as low as 7mOhms.
  • High-frequency MLCC capacitors to filter beyond 3GHz.
  • Laboratory grade filtered AC power inlet.
  • Low-resonance polymerized aluminum composite chassis.
  • All non-magnetic stainless steel PEMs, screws, and hardware.
  • Sorbothane anti-resonant mounting standoffs and feet.

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