USED Joule v5.0 Power Supply 12V + Adjustable Dual Regulated Outputs

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FACTORY RECONDITIONED: Joule v5 Basic Black Power Supply w/ 12V Primary and Adjustable Secondary Dual Regulated Outputs.

Excerpts from a review of our Joule v5 power supply by Karl Sigman:

"Mojo Audio surpassed my expectations with this. "

"...getting my system to yield that live sound is what I have been aiming at for some time now...The Joule V brought me as close as I have ever succeeded."

We are proud to be awarded Audiophilia’s Star Component status!

Go to "Audiophilia" to read the full review.

Unlock the potential of your components:

When power supply noise is removed, you will see and hear higher contrasts and more low-level detail than ever before. The background gets darker, the space gets more transparent, dynamic range increases, articulation improves, and frequency response expands. Layers of subtlety and nuance are revealed.

An ideal replacement for power supplies on:

  • Mac Minis, Intel NUC, and Raspberry Pi
  • SoTM NAA, microRendu, and LANRover
  • Sonic Transporter and CAPS music servers
  • Naim, Wired4Sound, Baetis, and other servers.
  • Any Music-streaming device
  • Pico-ATX powered HTPC computers
  • External drives, NAS, and RAID arrays
  • DACs, ADCs, DAWs and other digital converters
  • XBox, Wii, Play Station and other gaming consoles
  • Routers, switches, and other network devices
  • USB to SPDIF and USB to I2S converters
  • headphone amps and phono stages

Our Joule v5.0 is a plug-and-play upgrade for components with wall wart or brick type external power supplies. We make custom DC power cables in normal and high-current configurations with all types of connectors.

To power multiple components this power supply has dual regulated outputs: the primary output is 12V and the secondary output is adjustable and can be factory set anywhere from 5V up to 12V.

We also offer dual DC power cables with to power two components of the same voltage (up to four components total).

If you require a connector that is not shown on our website please contact us.

Features and Specifications:

  • Less noise than a LiO4 battery.
  • Less than 50uV of peak-to-peak noise/ripple.
  • Less than 10uS settling time from zero to full output.
  • Up to 7 amps continuous power with up to 10 amp peaks.
  • Hot parts are heat sunk to the exterior allowing heat to dissipate through the entire chassis.
  • Sophisticated AC filtering, so that no special power conditioners are required.
  • Cascaded spread spectrum capacitive filtering for expanded bandwidth.
  • DC ground lift option allows separating AC and DC grounding.
  • Easily converted from 115V to 230V AC at IEC inlet.

We use only the highest-quality parts:

  • Belleson ultralow-noise high-dynamic regulators.
  • Organic polymer capacitors with ESR as low as 7mOhms.
  • High-frequency MLCC capacitors to filter beyond 3GHz.
  • IXYS ultrafast soft recovery Hexfred diode bridge.
  • Laboratory grade filtered/fused/switched AC power inlet.
  • Neutrik silver-plated 10A + 10A XLR DC power outlets.
  • Ultra-heavy gauge .125" thick all-aluminum chassis.
  • All non-magnetic stainless steel PEMs and hardware.
  • Durable high-temp powder coating inside and out.
  • Sorbothane or Stillpoints anti-resonant feet.
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Additional Info