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What is the Mystique X SE?

The X stands for "extruded chassis." The Mystique X SE is the top-of-the-line in our new Mystique X series of high-value D/A converters. The Mystique X SE has been engineered to the highest performance we could fit in a 9" wide x 4" high x 16" deep extruded aluminum chassis. In addition to higher performance parts in the signal path and power supplies, the Mystique X SE has additional anti-resonance and shielding, which are not available in our other models.

The circuit and most of the component parts in the Mystique X are identical to our higher priced award-winning EVO series. The SE model has the same Lundahl amorphous core chokes in the analog power supplies and Lundahl amorphous core S/PDIF input transformers as our EVO Pro.

The big cost, size, and weight saving is that all three of the digital power supplies are capacitive input rather than LC choke input as with our EVO series. And there are only 9 Belleson SPX regulators in the Mystique X compared to 16 Belleson SPX regulators in our EVO series. We made a few power supply compromises and a few power supply improvements.

The combination of power supply upgrades and power supply compromises yield overall performance which is almost indistinguishable from our more expensive EVO series.

The Mystique X SE is result of decades of DAC design. It incorporates all of our latest technology with a few well engineered compromises that significantly lower the size, weight, and price, without significantly lowing performance.

The Mystique X SE is also engineered for robotic assembly to further lower costs, improve quality, and expand productivity. It is only because of switching from hand built to robotic assembly that Mojo Audio was able to meet the incredible demand for our DACs and to create such a high-performance high-value version of our award-winning Mystique DAC.

Time, tune, tone, and timbre.

Our Mystique X SE digital-to-analog converter incorporates the same no-compromise ultra-purist non-oversampling direct-coupled R-2R circuit as our award-winning Mystique EVO.

With no pre-digital filtering, digital noise shaping, upsampling, oversampling, or error-correcting algorithms, our digital signal path is the purest possible.

The result is the most natural time and tune you can get from a digital source. Effortless micro-dynamics and incredible micro-detail preserve the tone, timbre, texture, and spatial cues that bring you closer to the original musical performance.

Error prevention vs. error correction.

Five independent power supplies isolate each stage to eliminate bit read errors. Each power supply incorporates Mundorf M-Lytic AG+ 4-pole capacitors which in turn feed nine Belleson SPX ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators, to isolate each type of IC chip, discrete module, and clock. The power supplies for the analog sections are LC choke input and use the same custom Lundahl amorphous core chokes as our EVO Pro.

The analog output stage is direct-coupled to provide the most linear and extended frequency response possible by eliminating output coupling capacitors and transformers that narrow bandwidth and cause phase and time distortion. For ultimate transparency the direct-coupled output stage incorporates Staccato class A discrete op amps and ultra low noise Nickle Chromium resistors laser matched to 0.1% tolerance.

Our hardware-based demultiplexing circuit assures 100% phase and time coherency between channels by using a bank of logic gates to perfectly align the bits of the left and right digital words to the same clock cycle. To optimize linearity left and right channels each have a fine-tune circuit that adjusts the voltage of the most significant bit (MSB) at the zero voltage crossing.

For isolation from grounding noise an advanced hybrid star/plain grounding schema is used to isolate input, digital, and analog grounds. The DC ground lift switch isolates signal ground from Earth, chassis, and AC grounds.

Three 24-bit 192KHz PCM digital Inputs.

Our Mystique X digital-to-analog converter converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via Femto clocked USB, coaxial S/PDIF, or balanced AES.

The fifth of our independent power supplies powers our digital input board. Five Belleson SPX ultralow -noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators isolate the USB input from all other power supplies and eliminates the need for USB buss power or any external USB reclocking or regeneration devices. Each stage is independently powered and all stages are galvanically isolated from USB input data and USB buss power.

We even included a USB cut off switch to 100% eliminate noisy clocking inside the chassis when using S/PDIF or AES inputs.

Uncompromising design.

  • Built around Analog Devices' legendary monolithic AD1862 R-2R ladder DAC chips.
  • Converts PCM format files up to 24-bit 192KHz via USB, coaxial S/PDIF, and balanced AES.
  • Direct-coupled ultrahigh-performance Staccato class A discrete op amps.
  • No output transformers or coupling capacitors to narrow bandwidth or distort phase.
  • Hardware-based demultiplexing to ensure perfect phase and time coherency.
  • Independent circuits optimize linearity for L and R channels at the MSB zero voltage crossing.
  • SE Upgrade: Five independent power supplies each with 22,000uf Mundorf 4-pole capacitors.
  • SE Upgrade: Ultra-fast ultralow-noise silicon carbide SiC Shottky rectification diodes.
  • SE Upgrade: Lundahl amorphous core LC input chokes in the analog power supplies.
  • 9 Belleson SPX ultralow-noise regulators isolate IC chips, discrete modules, and clocks.
  • Cryo'd Kimber VSS VariStrand wire between main power supply and digital input board.
  • Ultra low noise Nickle Chromium resistors matched to 0.1% tolerance in analog signal path.
  • SE Upgrade: Lundahl amorphous core transformers on S/PDIF and AES Inputs.
  • Rel-Cap Polystyrene film and tin foil capacitors in the anti-aliasing filters.
  • Furutech rhodium plated low mass RCA connectors directly soldered to the PC board.
  • Neutrik gold plated male and female XLR connectors directly soldered to the PC board.
  • Schurter AC input module and medical grade advanced AC input filtering.
  • Ground lift switch to isolate DC signal ground from Earth, chassis, and AC grounds.
  • SE Upgrade: additional advanced shielding and anti-resonance.
  • NEW: Low-resonance high-rigidity extruded aluminum chassis.
  • Optional: Stillpoints Ultra Mini, Ultra II, or Ingress Audio RollerBlock anti-resonance feet.
  • Field convertible from 110VAC to 250VAC both 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • Special order option for Japan 100VAC to 200VAC.
  • 9"W x 4"H x 16"D and 27 pounds.

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