USED 1.5M Enigma Power Cable FI-28R

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This power cable was used by Mojo Audio at three audiophile shows.

Originally 10' and remanufactured to a standard 1.5 meter (5') length.

Other lengths of this same cable up to 10' are available.

World-class performance just became more affordable.

Our award-winning Enigma power cables bring out the acoustic character of any component. Unparalleled neutrality combined with incredibly low background noise bring you closer to the original musical performance.

  • High performance 15A Furutech FI-28R plug set.
  • 12AWG OFC anealed copper wire with low-absorption dielectric.
  • Multi-layered shielding to minimize noise from EMF and RFI.
  • Layered anti-resonance materials to minimize mechanical resonance.
  • Deep cryogenic treatment lowers the noise-floor and increases durability.
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Additional Info